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How To Use Sugar In Gardening?

Sugar, another ingredient found in every home has more uses than you expected. This banal ingredient can be successfully used in the gardening process. Keeps away unwanted insects and prolongs the life of flowers. Here are four ways that you can use sugar in your garden. Banish ants Sugar helps …

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Gardening Secrets Stolen From Experts

You think you know everything about gardening and you don’t have anything else to discover about the fascinating world of plants? Wait until you discover the secrets revealed by gardening experts and you’ll realize that every day you learn new things about plants caring, tricks in growing flowers faster plus …

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How To Plant And Grow Garlic?

Planting garlic is easy, but to enjoy a great harvest you must pay attention to a few essential details. Here’s what to keep in mind! Prepare the planting site Dig the place where you’ll plant garlic and remove the weeds. Mark the rows for planting and be sure that between …

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