Extremely Effective Methods to Get Rid of Noisy Woodpeckers

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Wild birds such as pigeons, crows, woodpeckers, starlings, sparrows and others can become really annoying when they nest on or near the house. The noise and especially their droppings may be a nuisance.

Here are a few effective methods to remove these birds without doing them harm.

1. Use special devices with specific sounds

There are also special appliances and devices that ward off birds. These devices generate raptors-specific sounds, causing distress among woodpeckers.

2. Use special “slippery” products

You can apply special products to remove woodpeckers from pecking your trees. These may be sprays, gels and varnishes that make the tree surface slippery. Apply them only on surfaces were woodpeckers sit.

Such substances are uncomfortable for birds, so they will avoid sitting in those areas.

3. Use spices

If you need to remove woodpeckers from your yard, use spices such as cinnamon, pepper, etc., because they do not like spices. Repeat if necessary, especially after rain.

4. Scarecrows made of balloons, kites, plastic-made raptors

Large raptors made of plastic or wood, located near the woodpecker’s nest will scare and eventually ward them off.

These are not necessarily safe and permanent method to remove woodpeckers from your yard, but worth trying.

5. Apply metal

Apply a metal plate on the tree surface were the woodpecker is looking for insects. These will make it find another tree.

6. Find their favorite places and block the access

Check the eaves, the attic, the roof, and all other house and yard areas where birds may make their nest. Large open spaces such as attics, warehouses, barns, stables must be blocked in the rafters area where birds tend to make their nest.

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