How To Grow Tasty Carrots?

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Nothing compares to the taste of vegetables grown in your garden. They have a different flavor than the ones you buy in supermarkets. Here is what you need to do to grow carrots properly and to have a rich and tasty harvest:

Choose resistant varieties
Triumph, Nabucco, Diamond, Ibiza, Maestro and Bolero are several carrot varieties very resistant to diseases, have a great shelf life but especially a very pleasant taste.

When you sow carrots?
You may sow carrots starting with March and early August. One trick is not to sow all seeds at the same time but every two or three weeks to make sure that all summer you’ll have sweet baby carrots.

Loosen the soil
Like carrots to grow straight and beautiful the soil should be as loose. Mix brown earth with sand where you’re planning to grow carrots to make the soil easier. Rake it well before sowing.

Delineates the place
With the help of a few rope pieces and some wooden sticks split the garden area where you are going to grow carrots. Make some straight lines at about 15 centimeters away with those ropes. Make some grooves of 3-5 centimeters deep and sprinkle the seeds in them about 3 centimeters away from one another.

Cover with soil and water well
Cover the seeds with a layer of earth and water well the entire surface with a hose. But be careful not to use a hose jet because you’ll remove seeds.

Protect the plants
In a few days the carrots leaves will appear. Wet well the surface and from time to time, dig near them with a hoes to loosen the land and allow good drainage.
After 3 weeks from sowing the roots are already formed. Cover them with soil if they start get to the surface, otherwise they will become bitter. When roots are mature it’s better to reduce moisture because they can rot.

How to keep carrots after harvesting?
If you want to keep them over winter, look for a large, deep bowl and fill it with sand where you’ll bury the carrots. Store the container in a cellar where is dark and cool.

Image Credits: MadMimi

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