How To Decorate Your Garden With Old Furniture

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When you redecorate, don’t rush to throw old furniture! You can use it successfully to decorate your garden. Here’s how to turn a bed or a chair into fascinating garden furniture. It’s not complicated and the results will amaze you in the end:

A desk: the corner of flowers

An old desk can be a… huge pot! That’s because in each drawer you can plant various types of flowers or plants of the same species. Paint it a bright color (yellow, red or blue) and place it in a corner of your garden. It’s an excellent decor for the patio or balcony.

The bed: best support for vegetables or flowers

An old bed can be an original way to cultivate plants that will arouse the admiration of all your guests. You can put it in a garden corner, near a house wall or under a tree.
Where the mattress was, place some earth, fertilizes it then plant vegetables that are not very fastidious, shrubs or small flowers, such as pansies. And ferns are ideal for such original arrangements.

Old seats for a retro garden

Old wooden seats will give a retro look to your garden. Ideally is to place them on the lawn or near the green fence and sit on them pots with colorful flowers.
If you want a more joyful garden paint the chairs in different colors, from blue to purple or orange.

What can you do with the kitchen furniture?

Old kitchen furniture can be perfect for the backyard.
You can plant colorful flowers in the drawers such as hyacinths, tulips, geraniums, daisies, while the larger spaces can be used as a timber warehouse or small gardening utensils.

Image Credits: Bajiro

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