5 Beneficial Weeds From Your Garden

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Weeds can be harmful for your garden but for the human body they have curative effects, so we might reconsider in throwing them.

1. Knotweed
No matter how annoying this weed is but you shouldn’t dispose of it definitely when spring comes. Knotweed is one of the most important sources of organic silicon in nature, helping to maintain the good function blood circulation and the bone structure in the human body. Knotweed tea is made from the dried flowers of the plant. They can be harvested in late summer and autumn.

2. Thistle
Thistle can be a real nuisance in a garden, but is also a natural remedy used in the prevention of liver diseases and it also stimulates digestion. You can keep a thistle or two in hidden corners of the garden, picking their fruit to prepare a magical tea.

3. Bindweed
This invasive plant is found mainly in vegetable gardens and around fences in shaded areas. Of course, you mustn’t let it fool around in your garden, but you can harvest its leaves carefully. Fresh bindweed leaves were used in ancient times to treat boils and to heal wounds. Dried and prepared as a tea, the leaves are a good remedy in treating gallbladder diseases and constipation.

4. Devil’s milk
This plant has a reputation in natural medicine since antiquity. Celandine is now successfully used in treating liver and gallbladder diseases. Its fresh, orange sap is still used in rural areas to eliminate warts. The plant grows in shady, moist places, especially near fences corners or houses. It can be propagated by seeds if you want to grow in the garden.

5. Nettle
Even the acrid nettle has been used for centuries as a cure. Both consumed as food at the beginning of spring or used in herbal medicine, nettle has proven that is an extremely useful drug. Nettle tea is used in diets, for hair loss, regulates blood pressure and in detoxifying diets.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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