Gardening Secrets Stolen From Experts

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You think you know everything about gardening and you don’t have anything else to discover about the fascinating world of plants? Wait until you discover the secrets revealed by gardening experts and you’ll realize that every day you learn new things about plants caring, tricks in growing flowers faster plus many other things less known about gardener’s.

Clothes lint maintain soil moisture
Don’t rush to throw collected lint from clothing. According to experts, these useless materials can be added to compost. Once they arrive on the soil surface, they can maintain a optimum soil moisture, especially in the hot summer months, when water tends to evaporate quickly.

Soil, heated in the oven forbid plants diseases
Before you start planting seedlings, experts advise you to warm the soil in the oven at maximum temperature to kill any remaining bacteria, fungus or virus that could get sick the plants later.

Morning glory helps corn to grow healthy
Even though they have nothing in common, morning glory and corn go well together. According to experts, the fragrant flowers are companion plants for corn and protect this grain of certain pests.

Milk powder is good for roses
Roses are a goldmine for harmful insects, so experts advise you that two or three times a year to sprinkle around the stem a few tablespoons of milk powder. It contains substances that help to ward off pests and roses will grow harmoniously.

Beer ward off slugs
Slugs can wreak the vegetable garden, but experts reveal their precious secret: Drizzle vegetables with beer until the first rain and you’ll not longer have problems with pests.

Garlic helps tulips to grow beautiful
According to experts, if you place near the tulip bulb one garlic clove, rodents and other insect pests won’t approach your plants.

Terracotta pots are sunk in water before planting
If you choose to plant flowers, vegetables or herbs in terracotta pots, it’s best to sink the pots in water at least an hour. The porous material will absorb exactly how much water it needs. However, if you cultivate plants in dry pots the terracotta material will absorb water from the soil and will delay plant’s growth.

Image Credits: Lacrosse

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