5 Hard To Grow Vegetables. Do You Think You Can Handle It?

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More and more people living in a house choose to plant flowers and vegetables in the garden instead of lawn. Because a good gardener starts making plans for the coming year, find out which vegetables are difficult to grow.

1. Cauliflower
Growing cauliflower in your garden is a difficult task. You have to find the right period for planting and for a quickly growth into adulthood. Cauliflower grows well in average temperatures of 64-72 degrees Fahrenheit, because dry wind and temperatures above 77 degrees can damage the cauliflower culture. You have to plant cauliflower in early spring in greenhouses or in gardens at the end of the summer.

2. Celery
No even celery is easy to grow. This plant needs 4-5 months to reach maturity and can’t stand high temperatures while its growth. If you choose to seed the celery in your garden the soil should retain very much water and the seeding should be done before March.

3. Eggplant
Delicious eggplants raise some expectations, too. Beside water needed to it develop, eggplants are sensitive to temperature variations. Most gardeners put eggplant seedlings in the garden from June, but always it’s a risk of rainy and cold summer that affects culture. In addition, eggplants attract a lot of pests, so the decision to cultivate is rather risky.

4. Lettuce
Although it’s easy to grow lettuce, you have to keep in mind a few tricks for a rich harvest and to keep it green much longer because when it blooms it’s no longer eatable. The secret lies in ensuring long shadows at least three quarters of the day for lettuce seedlings. So, plant lettuce in shady places away from heat.

5. Carrots
Carrots are also making a big fuss if they don’t get the suitable ground. The ground must be dug and raked at 15-20 centimeters depth to allow carrots to grow perfectly. One trick used often by gardeners is to mix sandy earth to favor the rapid growth of carrots and good water drainage.

Image Credits: MarthaStewart

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