3 Perfect Activities For Dreary Fall Days

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Rainy weather and dreary autumn days can keep you away from the garden someday. Use this spare time as a gift from nature and take care of other fall activities. Here’s what we advise you to do if it’s a rainy day.

1. Clean the barn, garage and / or shed
How many times has it happened to delay shed, barn or garage cleaning because you didn’t have time? Autumn rainy days are the perfect time to deal with this work. Build new shelves, where you can store your utensils in winter and organize the place so, in spring to find everything you need in seconds.

2. Move plants indoors
Weather cools rapidly and you can move potted plants inside to protect them from frost. But make sure they are healthy and clean them of dry leaves or twigs.

3. Plan your garden for next year
Are you bored and don’t have what to do? Why don’t you start to plan your garden for the next year and make a well structured plan in which you write down what flowers / vegetables you want to plant, what seeds you need to buy and where you can plant vegetables in the garden. Now is the time to determine what changes you want to bring in garden appearance.

Image Credits: Adventurouseveryday

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