How To Prep The Soil For Spring

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In fall, when the harvest is done, this doesn’t mean that you can relax and forget about gardening until spring. You must take care of the soil until winter so spring will have a rich fruitful soil. So, we have some advices for you to take a good care of your soil.

Clean the land of dry leaves
As October arrives we have to clean the soil of weeds, dryness and / or fallen branches. Remove any dried or affected herb by disease or pests because they will spread and harm your garden. Dried leaves and plants can be used for compost. Diseased plants should be burned to prevent the spreading.
If you have plants that still give fruits, let them ripen, collect the fruits then remove the bush.
Dig and rake the soil to prepare it for spring crops.

Remove weeds regularly
Weeds have always been the biggest problem for gardeners. Continue to remove them whenever you notice they begin to appear until frost because they “feed” will soil’s nutrients.
Continue to water and to fertilize the soil

For a rich spring soil is very important to fertilize and to wet it continuously, especially in dry years.
Fall soil fertilizing is essential because it gives back the earth nutrients and minerals that were consumed last year. The first fertilization should be done immediately after fall digging and should be done again after three weeks. Then add a generous layer of compost. This will gradually release nutrients in the soil throughout the winter.

Image Credits: Hgtv

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