How To Plant And Grow Garlic?

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Planting garlic is easy, but to enjoy a great harvest you must pay attention to a few essential details. Here’s what to keep in mind!

Prepare the planting site
Dig the place where you’ll plant garlic and remove the weeds. Mark the rows for planting and be sure that between the rows is a 30 cm distance.

Prepare the garlic
The garlic should be dry and healthy. Put the garlic cloves in the ground without peeling them. Keep only the healthy garlic cloves and throw the wilted and soft ones.

Planting garlic cloves
Planting garlic is done at 5-8 centimeters depth. Also, for a great develop leave between them a distance of 10 cm. place the garlic clove with the sharper side up.

How to take care of garlic?
After planting water well the place and add some fertilizer to accelerate growth.
Wet the garlic regularly if it doesn’t rains. Garlic needs a moist soil but not too moist. So be careful not to add too much water because it will rot and the harvest will be compromised.

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