9 Thirsty Vegetables

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Vegetables need different water amounts and some of them are thirstier than others and you need to water them in abundance, while others should be watered less frequently. Therefore, it’s best to group the vegetables in the garden after their water needs. Here are the ones who like “to drink more water”:

Broccoli is extremely sensitive to lack of water at least during its first few months after transplantation. Therefore, this type of vegetable should be watered regularly throughout its growing cycle.

Cabbage won’t grow well if it’s not watered regularly, especially in hot days. The earth must be moist at a 25 cm depth.

Like cabbage, cauliflower also wants plenty of water. The soil where is cultivated must be constantly moist. Water carefully the soil without wetting the plant.

As it grows, celery needs more water, especially in August and September.

Because they grow quickly, cucumbers are consuming very much water. A square meter of land with cucumber should be watered in dry periods every 4-5 days with about 15 liters of water. As a useful rule, they must be watered in the evening.

Not even radishes should be neglected, especially during their growing, when they require a large amount of water. They will grow rapidly if they have a constantly moist soil.

Carrots and parsley
They require a big amount of water after planting, when roots start to form. Before harvesting you should slow the watering process otherwise the roots can be cracked.

In early June, when the tuber starts to grow, potatoes need much water to grow nicely.

Beetroots should be watered regularly during the first period after transplantation. After the root is formed you don’t have to water as often, only when the soil is dry.

Image Credits: Blog.NycFoodScape

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