4 Gardening Mistakes We Should Avoid In August

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August is a rough month for any gardener. For different reasons many gardeners do a lot of mistakes this month. We’ll present you 4 mistakes gardeners do and how to avoid them.

1. You are watering the garden more or less
Watering the garden is essential, especially in hot and dry days. So make sure your plants, vegetables or lawn receives enough water. Don’t water you crops excessive or not at all because you risk them to yellow and to wilt.

2. You mow the lawn too short
For a nice aspect you should mow the lawn regularly but not too short because pests will appear. Moreover, in dry periods, mowing the lawn too short may wither the grass.

3. You’re neglecting the vegetable garden
In August, almost all vegetables are good for harvesting. You have to watch them daily and to pick those that are ripe. If you don’t do this, the harvest can be compromised. Vegetables fallen on the ground will quickly attract pests quickly that will attack the entire harvest.

4. You prune the fruit trees
Pruning fruit trees branches in August is a mistake that you definitely shouldn’t do. Branches won’t have enough time to recover and they will become vulnerable when winter comes. It’s best to wait until spring and prune them then especially if you want a rich harvest.

Image Credits: Almanac

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