Why You Should Use Wood Ashes In Your Garden?

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Although it may seem strange, the burning wood ash is a good fertilizer for any garden. Ash is an excellent source of calcium, potassium and phosphorus and helps to balance soil’s acidity level.

How to get ash in your own home?
Ash can get very simply from wood burning. Careful! Use untreated, natural wood not painted or varnished wood. It contains chemicals that can affect plant growth.
You can collect a large amount of ash in winter from your fireplace. Even the ash from a barbeque is very useful, of course if the wood wasn’t treated with special substances that enhance combustion.
Collect ashes in a metal container. Store the container in the warehouse or ain another place away from humidity.

When ashes are used in the garden?
In sandy soil gardens, ash is used in spring, when the first dig is made, or around the plants. But if you have a garden with clay soil, apply ash at the last digging in fall. This will help balance soil’s acidity level.

How to apply ashes
Ash is applied around crops, but in small quantities. After application, cover with a layer of soil and water the plant to eliminate substances from the soil. Around a plant you’ll add a few grams of ashes.
Thus, for seedlings you’ll use only 10 grams of ashes. Except zucchini and cucumbers, because they need 12 to 15 grams of ash and potatoes need 50 grams of ashes around them.

Around strawberry, raspberry or blackberry bushes you will use 50-70 grams of ashes and around fruit trees 100-150 grams of ashes, depending on their size.

Image Credits: AvantGardenDecor

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