Why You Should Use Alcohol In Your Garden

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Alcohol has more uses than you thought. Did you know that this is your reliable ally in the fight against weeds or snails and slugs? Here are four unique ways to use alcohol in the garden.

Get rid of snails
Snails have invaded your yard and driveway? You can get rid of them by using alcohol. All you have to do is to dig a small pit in which to place an empty jar at the same level with the ground. Then fill the jar with beer. The snails will be attracted by the smell and will fell into the jar, drowning.

Keeps ivy under control
Ivy is extremely beautiful and decorative but it spreads quickly throughout the garden. You can keep it in control with a solution by mixing two tablespoons of vodka with two cups of water. Add the solution in a spray bottle and spray it where ivy spreads without your permission.

Get a charming lawn
You’re not the only one who loves a good glass of beer. Even your lawn adores it so, to get the perfect green and healthy lawn mix a 500ml beer bottle with 50 liters of water and wet the grass with this solution.

Get rid of weeds
Vodka is a reliable ally in the fight against weeds. All you have to do is to mix 30 milliliters of vodka with 5-6 drops of liquid dishwashing detergent and two cups of water. Mix everything well and add the obtained solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution in places where weeds invade your garden. Keep in mind though that the solution should be sprinkled in broad daylight when the sun burns.

Image Credits: Iliveup

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