How To Make Candle Holders For A Fall Garden

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You want to take advantage of the beautiful weather outside and spend your time in the garden? Well, make some unique decoration for your fall garden table or recreation space. Here’s how easy is to create candle holders from jars and leaves!

You need:
-transparent jars
-transparent glue
-sponge brush

Wash well the jars and wipe them with a clean towel so that no traces of water remain on them.

Make sure the leaves are clean and soft. Remove leaves twig with a scissors. Use whole leaves for a pleasant look.

Using the brush apply the glue on the leaf. Glue each leaf carefully on the jar. But you have to work with patience because leaves can break easily.

When you’ve finished your job leave the glue to dry thoroughly before using the candle holders. Add a white candle and enjoy your own creation.

Image Credits: CraftHubs

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