How To Build A Green Rooftop Birdhouse

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Would you like birds to delight you daily with their cheerful trill? Then you have to create the perfect environment for them to stay in your own garden. Learn how to build bird houses with green roof.

You need:

-a bird house
-roof covers (to prevent rain to get in the house)
-wire netting
-scissors to cut the wire
-succulent plants without spikes
-a small pot
-special glue for wood

Fix the bird house support with small nails.

Cut the roof covering to the right size and stick it on roof top. Cover the roof with peat. Put moss to soak in water for 30 minutes then place it over peat. Make sure that you cover it completely.

Place the wire mesh over the roof. Pin it with special staples or small nails then using a scissors or pliers cut the wire excess. Easily, with the screwdriver, push the net wire to cover it with peat.

Plant succulent plants as you desire. Don’t choose succulent plants with thorns because birds might hurt themselves.

Glue the bottom of the pot then fill it with peat and moss. Plant here one or more succulent plants.

Image Credits: Bigodino

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