5 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden

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Coffee is a reliable ally of any gardener. If until now you used to throw coffee grounds, you have to change this habit. Here are a few uses in the garden.

Add coffee grounds to compost
Coffee grounds can be successfully added to compost preparation. This provides essential nutrients for soil like phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Roses love coffee
Coffee is the “secret weapon” used in plant propagation by experts when it comes to roses. Coffee helps roses to grow quickly and to have multiples fluorescence. Coffee enriches the soil with nitrogen (in small quantities) and gives a neutral pH. Also draws earthworms which aerates the soil and helps fight soil bacteria.

Growth stimulant for carrots
Coffee helps boosting carrot crops. Before sowing carrots, mix their seeds with ground coffee and then sow carrots in the garden. Will sprout quickly and you’ll get a rich carrots crop.

Keep pests away from garden
Ants, snails or slugs can attack the vegetable garden. But you can keep them away if you place near plants or near the anthill small amounts of coffee grounds.

Prevents plant infection with fungi
Coffee prevents fungi infection of plants, but especially on their root and stem. All you have to do is add a layer of compost with coffee or, occasionally, to sprinkle coffee grounds at plant’s root.

Image Credits: AndersonAndGrant

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