September Gardening Tips

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September is an agitated period in the garden. Beside the basic things you have to do to there are a few more activities ideal to do in September if you want to have a healthy and beautiful garden.

Clean and cut the fruit trees. Once you reap the fruits, it’s recommended to cut and clean your fruit trees. September is great for this activity, as temperatures remain positive both day and night. For late varieties of apple and pear trees the cuts should be postponed until the middle or end of autumn.

Cuts should also be applied to shrubs. Raspberry, blackberry, currant and gooseberry bush need to be cleansed of dead branches but also by cutting rejuvenation.

Hedge also needs a grooming in September to increase uniform in the coming months.

Prepare a new vegetable garden. Because the soil is already fed from summer crops, you can go straight to plant vegetables which are resistant to cold. This is, among other things, lettuce, radishes, spinach, broccoli, beets, cauliflower, zucchini, winter turnips and kale. If the weather is good, by winter you’ll enjoy fresh vegetables.
If you don’t want to grow other vegetables for fall garden, you can clean the soil to have it ready for next year.
Plant the flower bulbs. If you want to have a colorful and fragrant spring garden, you can still plant bulbs flower in September. Be careful to use healthy and vigorous bulbs, because tulips, hyacinths and daffodils grow harmoniously.

Plant rose cuttings and fruit shrubs. September is the right month for these activities.
Plant evergreen shrubs and conifers. Now is the time to plant trees because the soil and mild temperatures will help to catch the damp earth roots. And the evergreen shrubs can be planted in September, without the risk of dying in winter.

Image Credits: Dickiestore

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