How To Prepare Homemade Weed Killer

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No matter how small is your garden weeds are growing stubbornly and you can solve this problem with homemade natural herbicides.

We’re going to tell you the recipe and instructions for these natural herbicides.

You can get rid of weeds with chemicals, but you can use natural herbicides to get rid of unwanted plants.
The first step is to reap well the weeds. Reap them with root then dig the soil. In the place where they grow pour a mixture made of 1 liter of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of salt and 2 liters of water. The solution is enough for sufficient for 2-3 square meters area. Such a solution can only be used once a month, and don’t repeat if it didn’t rain, because you can affect soil quality due to salt.

Another solution for weeds areas is to prepare a solution of homemade soap and water. Put a piece of homemade soap, about 100 grams in a liter of water. Grate the soap through a grater and leave it there for 2 days. The solution is great for spraying the weeds. They can no longer breathe and finally, they die. Fill with water and use the soap solution every time it’s needed. You can add about five liters of water over the initial piece of soap.

We have to mention that this solution is truly effective if the soap is homemade. Any other soap type is beyond an eco soap conditions. Use a fine spray bottle and spray close on weeds not to affect other plants. The best time of day to spray this solution is at midday when the sun is burning because spraying when it starts raining is useless. After this natural remedy the weeds will die in 48 hours.

Another method that is functioning as natural herbicides, are some plants that stop weed evolution. Prirul, for example, is one of the most aggressive and most prolific weed has a natural unbeatable enemy: dwarf white clover. White clover is extremely abundant and spreads quickly that’s why will banish weeds easily. Clover fertilizes the soil and it’s also perfect for orchards because it has ability to retain nitrogen in the soil and to remove weeds.

White clover is excellent if it’s planted between vegetables layers. Provides nitrogen naturally, retains water in the soil and prevents weeds growth. It’s perfect if you plant white clover in fall because in winter its roots will appear and in spring will grow before weeds. For this mission can resemble white clover fall. And clover must be kept under control by sinking land, but it disappears very quickly and doesn’t extend.

Another solution with beneficial results over time is cardboard. You need a usual thicker cardboard. Dig the land where you want to plant to a 10-15 centimeters depth. Lay the cardboard then wet it thoroughly. Cover the cardboard cover with soil. The sun and the air will dry up all the seeds of weeds. The place is perfect for planting vegetables. The weeds under the blanket of cardboard can’t reach the light and the ground will be clean in a year. Vegetable roots can penetrate up and down cardboard. In addition the cardboard is a natural fertilizer that decomposes completely in two years.

Image Credits: DreamsTime

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