5 Basic Rules To Keep Weeds Away

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The fight against weeds is endless and we use different weapons to take them down. Most times humans are defeated, but there are five basic rules that can make you victorious in the war against weeds.

1. Don’t leave uncultivated areas because those areas are a paradise for weeds. In addition they will contaminate the surrounding areas. Enclose the courtyard and garden and use a special mesh to prevent seed dispersal.

2. Use mulch to protect the land of unwanted plants. Mulch is a mixture of straw, wood chips or dried leaves of 2-4 cm layer. Lack of sun and mulch insulation blocks weed growth. You can prepare mulch from crop residues. The optimal formula is: mowed and dry grass, sawdust and pine needles. A good way to limit weed growth on uncultivated areas, around trees or in places where are no crops is to scythe the grass and leave it on the soil. Also you can scatter them around. Dry hay leftovers can be spread on uncultivated land, ideally in early spring, to block weed growth and seed propagation.

3. Dig only the portion in the garden that you intend to plant seeds on and cover it with mulch. If you dig the whole garden at once, but you won’t definitive work, basically you plant weeds that will leave its seeds on the soil surface and will contaminate everything. Plots are a good way to work your garden around the house and a good strategy against weeds. If you put gravel, sand or mixture of mulch and pebbles between parcels areas you’ll block weeds growth. A simpler alternative is to form paths between plots. Soil treading is a good natural solution for soil decontamination and conservation. After 2 years a well tread soil won’t grow weeds anymore. Just fertilized and sown the soil and weeds won’t bother you.

4. Don’t leave the outer edge of the garden overgrown. Weed seeds in your garden will come here and the fight against weeds will be useless. Don’t use weeds to make compost. Their seeds are highly resistant. Remove weeds with your hands when these start to spread.

5. Tread the limits of the garden – near the fence, shaded areas, wetlands or where the land is barren. Every treaded place keeps away weeds and reduces the risk of contaminating the fertile areas.

Image Credits: MotherEarthLiving

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